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Charbono 2016 750ml

Charbono 2016 750ml
The 2016 vintage is a mid-full bodied wine with fruit aromas like blueberry with a hint of dried plum. It has a deep purple color and a robust, earthy flavor that make Charbono different and distinctive from other wines. Great finish with surprising vitality from good acidity.

Allegedly, Italian immigrants brought Charbono vines here in the late 1800s thinking they were Barbera. It was bottled as Barbera by Inglenook Winery and even won several medals as Barbera. Eventually, DNA testing done by Professor Carole Meredith of UC Davis proved that Charbono is the French variety Corbeau, aka Charbonneau. Charbono wine is only produced in California, adding to its exclusive appeal. Now there are only 80 acres of Charbono planted in California, half of which are in Calistoga. Calistoga is a sweet spot for Charbono, and most of the older vineyards are there. Today only 16 wineries produce Charbono; with Summers Estate Wines holding the title of Charbono King for producing the largest amount of this special wine annually - about 900 cases. A lovely wine of bold color and bright fruit.

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Harvest & Tasting Notes:

Blend: 83% Charbono; 17% Zinfandel
Alcohol: 14.5%; 
Total Acidity: 6.3g/L
pH: 3.75
Barrel Regime - 18 months in 80% American Oak, 20% French Oak; 50% New Oak